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Shall we collaborate and conquer together?

Hey there!  Are you ready to join forces and conquer the world, one delicious Oishii Bun at a time? We're on the lookout for healthy companies eager to team up and spread the joy of Oishii Buns far and wide, from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant city of Tokyo, from the trendy cafes in Berlin to the sunny shores of Cape Town!

Are you a chef in Berlin itching to serve up something completely delicious and new? Or perhaps an entrepreneur in L.A. who's tired of new burgers that aren’t so new? Maybe you're that caterer in Oslo who's ready to bring the heat to every event? If so, then we're looking for you!

Let's chat and cook up a strategy built on trust, prosperity, and a whole lot of tasty buns. Ready to take a bite out of this opportunity? Let's meet up and make magic happen!

Oishii from space
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