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Introducing OISHII BUN

What Makes Our Bun Unique?


The taste is enclosed 

Our UFO-shaped buns are sealed, eliminating dry-cleaning costs, and preserving all the flavor within the bun.

Oishii: “it's delicious”

When your meal is delightful, express it with "Oishii," a lively term signaling deliciousness!.

Quality sustainable ingredients

We carefully choose our products and use top-quality organic beef, fish, and vegetables.

Experience the Oishii Bun at Your Event!

Would you like to feature this one-of-a-kind product at your event? Our team of extraterrestrials is delighted to offer delectable oishii buns for your company event, food truck festival, wedding, or any other occasion on your home planet. Simply drop us an email, and we'll respond before the sun completes its orbit around the Earth.

Oishii Bun at your Event

We will get back to you!

Oishii Bun at your Event
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