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Podcast: The best taste in the Netherlands

Oishii Bun was invited for the popular podcast by Jan Versteegh and Rámon Verkoeijen. If they don't eat, they talk about it. You can argue about taste, though. That is why the gentlemen are looking for the best taste in the Netherlands in their podcast. In this case the tastiest Vegan snack and it sounds like the gentlemen love the Oishii Buns (yes yes several, you read that right). 

​Here's a teaser of the episode with Oishii Bun. 
Curious about this fun and funny podcast about good food? click here 

5 stars from the Snackspert


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Here, a reason to go to Amsterdam this weekend. Or you already live there, that's practical. Go to Oishii Bun and thank me later. It is extraterrestrial and that is understandable, because the sandwiches look like UFOs. It is so good to see that there are many more snacks in the capital that deviate from the normal, from what we are used to. For example, Chun Café has such a heavenly sandwich and from today Oishii Bun is also part of it. For example, go for the Seoul: a sandwich with slow-cooked pork belly with the tastiest BBQ sauce (not too smoky, especially sweet) ever, completed by kimchi and slightly sour but fresh white cabbage. Every bite is like a goal: always hit. By the way, the Classic is a better classic than the average Classic between Feyenoord and Ajax. Aberdeen Angus - I am not much of a connoisseur of meat, because for me only the taste counts, but this was of very good quality. But that sauce, that sauce! No mustard in combination with mayonnaise, but wasabi mayonnaise. What a find. OMG a taste bomb with great meat? Add some lightly pickled cucumber and you have a fresh and very tasty burger. I'm already looking forward to my next visit as I want to try the whole menu.


5 stars *****

Oishii Bun's UFO parked at the Monaco F1 GP


The Monaco Grand Prix, the motor racing event held annually since 1929, is widely regarded as one of the most important and prestigious motor races in the world. During this event, we showcased our product the Oishii Bun, especially the KOBE and the SEOUL were in great demand in the Principality. With our kitchen overlooking the start finish and corner la Rascasse, the Oishii Bun Pit Crew created over 600 Oishii Buns a day for over 300 guests during this Formula 1 weekend. 

With customers like Forbes Magazine, many celebrities from home and abroad, and of course the drivers themselves, this was an Oishii event, and they enjoyed our Oishii Buns made by our Oishii Bun Pit Crew in a Pit Stop record.

Social Media goes wild over the discovery of extraterrestrial life

The Oishii Buns have also not gone unnoticed by the food influencers on social media. Below some links to see what the social foodies write about this Extraterrestrial delicious phenomenon

Every new sandwich or burger idea immediately catches my eye. Because a well filled sandwich, irresistible! Take the new Oishii bun, doesn't that sound delicious?

My Oishii Bun was delicious 'oishii' (= Japanese for tasty) and I can't wait to go back for another bun like this

If you are regularly inspired by foodies in Amsterdam on Instagram, then you may have already come across Oishii Bun. They are really nice buns. A new sensation. Shaped like a UFO on the outside. And full of goodies inside.

The delicious bun resembles a UFO. An additional advantage is that your hands stay clean while eating these treats. 

​At Oishii Bun they bake extraterrestrially beautiful burgers

In the neighborhood 
in Amsterdam they sell very strange (but incredibly tasty) UFO sandwiches

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