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Oishii Bun the hottest food that past the planet Venus.

With a menu full of the tastiest and juiciest UFO shaped buns, in our patented Oishii Burner, Oishii Bun brings the original best bun in the galaxy in the game of sophisticated streetfood!


Oishii Bun only works with fresh vegetables and organic produce. Our special homemade Kimuchi and sauces are made according to our own recipe. All buns come with special and unique toppings,  At Oishii Bun you as franchisee decide your own selection of Buns from our 22 Oishii Buns.


Oishii Bun is currently Hot like the the planet Venus, That is why Oishii Bun is eager to open new branches with motivated franchisees! Are you a Asian food lover from another planet, and is it your ambition to start your own restaurant?

There are 2 types of Oishii Bun Restaurants

Oishii Bun "Street Food'

Sit down and Take away concept

Oishii Bun Nakamise, Onaka Ga Peko Peko"

Sit down restaurant with huge supply of different Sake and oriental cocktails and the top Oishii Buns only The Maine Lobster ,The Kobe , The Seoul , The Tsukiji and The Planet Earth

Together with the Oishii Bun team, will be closely involved in every franchise. For example, there are central workshops for franchisees for the development of the menu at our Kitchen Inc. Foodlab (Amsterdam), there is an intensive training program through the

As a franchisee, you receive intensive guidance and support from the franchisor. Oishii Bun offers franchisees extensive guidance in the start-up phase and support with regard to store presentation, technical support and human resources.
Oishii Bun also offers central automation and management information.  So as a franchisee you don't have to worry about being on your own. As a franchisees you can fully focus on their store and customers. 

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