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Do you use Halal products?

No! However we have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.

Do you deliver?

Yes! just send us a line and we tell you how our aliens deliver.

What is Sunomono?

Sunomono refers to vinegar-based dishes, and they are commonly served as a side dish to the main meal. ”Su (酢)” means vinegar in Japanese.inthis case with cucumber and seaweed 

Is Oishii Bun Japanese?

No, one of the founders

Tim Rewinkel studies Japanese and International business management in Tokyo Japan, He has seen something similar in Korea and created the idea of Oishii Bun more suitable for the European and international market.  

What kind of meat do you use?

We only use the best produce all organic, our butcher is Chateaubriand a well known quality butcher.

Can i get a Oishii Bun at an event

Yes! Just send us a email at

What does Oishii mean?

“Oishii” is a Japanese i-adjective which means “delicious” or “good-tasting”

Where are you located?

At the moment we are located at the following planets:


Planet Kepler 442B

the city of Neo Tokyo


Planet Proxima Centauri

the city of Alpha Ichi


Planet Earth

the city of Amsterdam

Our Meat

- Black Aberdeen Angus

- Wagyu “for the Kobe” 

- Organic pork belly

- Organic duck 

- Organic Barneveld Chicken

Is your mayonaise vegan?

Yes for our vegan buns.

We use wasabi and rice vinegar in all our mayonaise

Where can you park your UFO?

we can park our UFOanywhere aslong if there is sufficient electricity 

Why is the price of the Kobe higher then the other buns ?

The Kobe is made from WAGYU beef with TRUFFLE and organic FOIE GRAS topped with real leafs of pure GOLD, and it is beyond Oishii.

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