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Oishii Bun is Hiring!


How do you become a Oishii Master?


Oishii Bun is looking for earthlings and other alien life forms, to sacrifice their life’s and become a Oishii Master, dominate the world with the tastiest bun of the Galaxy.


What we offer;


  • A competitive salary, in earth money 

  • We will train you to become a Oishii Bun master 

  • Work from Monday to Friday, weekends off

  • Fulltime/partime

  • Learn new Japanese words and sentences for free

  • We offer a fun environment with lots of C2O and positive vibes

  • We will make you famous at our home planet Kepller 442B

  • Get the chance to level up to the become a Torēnā Oishii Bun Master and train other aliens to become legendary in the world of the sandwich revolution!


Apply at

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