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Let’s park our UFO at your event

The Oishii Bun at your event?

Our local cuisine from Kepler 442B lunch for all of your colleagues? We would love to cater your (work) lunch, social event and dinner on location. 

Not only at venues and festivals you can enjoy some Oishii Bun goodness: we’re happy to come to you and cater your event, (business) lunch, party, drinks or dinner on location! Depending on where and when your company is, we’ll come by cargo bike, our mobile kitchen or food truck.

We serve next-level vegan & organic beef fast food. Through this street food concept, everyone can easily access the UFO-based kitchen in a very tasty way.

You can pick whatever you like from our entire menu. Whatever you like! Everything is totally organic and home made 

You may choose to go with our classic Seoul “slow roasted pork belly with home made Kimchi  or maybe the perfect Vegan Bun our smoked celeriac with cabbage pickle that we call the Gangman

We serve our buns with toppings from another planet

So do you want us to park our UFO at your event send us a E-mail and our friendly aliens will get back to you 

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